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Shows continue amid Luce Auditorium repairs

By Genno Gabriel Rabaya | October 11, 2023

Due to safety concerns in its structural integrity, the Silliman University (SU) Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium’s lobby and stairs are undergoing restorations for six months. 

The restoration started on Oct. 3, beginning on the west side. 

Marie Ravello Kho, Luce Auditorium Manager, said that the operation will repair the damaged underground conditions of the lobby.

“After 49 years, of course, there [is] already visible damage to the area. So that’s why we are given the chance to fix it. That part is sinking,” she said.

Kho also said that the visible cracks on the lobby ground, stairs, and ramp pose safety hazards for guests and might affect the glass walls at the front of the auditorium. 

These areas, including the loading dock at the side, will also be excavated to inspect the ground underneath. 

She also said the operation is only for repairs. The layout design for the lobby and stairs will remain the same, while the auditorium’s exterior structure will be cleaned.

Shows’ statuses and guest accommodations 

Despite the reconstructions, Kho clarified all shows booked before the repairs began will continue as scheduled. 

Ronavia Maghinay, president of the Luce Auditorium Corps of Ushers, also said the shows would carry on since the reconstruction does not extend within the house.

On catering to the guests during the reconstruction, Maghinay said that guiding them in and out of the venue may be affected, but the ushers will be flexible and accommodate the temporary changes as needed.

“The Luce is also designed so that we have multiple entrances and exits. We will be using the other doors in the lobby and the lower doors as well,” she explained.

Maghinay also said that the Luce Auditorium is a well-loved place by the university and that she believes that reconstruction is necessary to preserve its image.

The main body overseeing the reconstruction operations is the SU Buildings and Grounds, while the external contractor is VVER Construction Development Corporation.


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