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OSA speaks on Philippine population 

By Allianah Junnice Bolotaulo | September 28, 2023

Dr. Vicente Jurlano, 2020 Outstanding Sillimanian Awardee for Applied Population Dynamics and Development, gave an online lecture titled, “The Philippine population situation: Are we hitting the right buttons?” last Sept. 22. 

Delving into national and global population issues and ideal demographic scenarios, Dr. Jurlano said that the lecture title is a “very important one” as the country is “hitting a very big challenge” in terms of the situation of its population. 

“There are challenges, but there are also very big opportunities […] we need to tackle this and see how we can move forward in making a better Philippines for everybody,” he said. 

Dr. Jurlano said the lecture was “very close” to his heart, as the information he presented came from his work and experience in the field. 

The awardee explained that much of the data he presented and the insights he shared were products of more than 40 years of direct and indirect involvement in population and development.

By the end, the participants were tasked to describe Philippine population policies and programs, present demographic data on the current Philippine population, and explain the thrusts and directions of the Philippines’ population in relation to the projected population scenario. 

Hosted by the Dr. Mariano C. Lao Global Studies Center of Silliman University (SU), the lecture included students from SU and the University of the Philippines Diliman.


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