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Sillimanian frisbee athletes call on admin for more support

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by Rainne Nocete | September 22, 2023

Two students from Silliman University (SU) representing Binata Ultimate, a national frisbee team, urged for equality in sports following the Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships held on Sept. 6 to 10 at Alabang Country Club, Muntinlupa.

Felipe and Liam Diago both claimed that Silliman should provide more support for its frisbee players.

Daghang kaayog chance ang Silliman [madaog] kay punog [frisbee] players (Silliman has a big chance in becoming champion as they have many frisbee players),” said Felipe, a second-year entrepreneurship student from the College of Business Administration.

He also said that it is disheartening that people of authority only favor basketball instead of supporting other sports.   

Felipe further expressed his team’s wish that all sports should be treated equally and for frisbee to be recognized.

Dili daw kaayo ma support ang Silliman sa sports (it seems that Silliman does not provide much support for sports),” he explained.

SU Athletic Director, Dionesio Piñero, disagreed and called the allegation “unfair.”

Piñero said that if SU cannot support sports, facilities such as the ballfield and swimming pool would not be available.

He also explained that SU can’t “really give full support” to all sports since “we are sharing the pie for everyone.” 

Piñero further emphasized that the university is governed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), which does not recognize frisbee.

As such, he urged those who share Felipe’s sentiments to find the “right person” who can advise them on what to do since all sports recognized by CHED and the Department of Education must go through a legal process.


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