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SU college enrollment drops 4% from last year

By Rainne Nocete | August 31, 2023

Silliman University (SU) college enrollees decreased by 4.9 percent for school year (SY) 2023-2024, according to data provided by the Office of Registration and Admission (ORA).

As of writing, the university has 6,824 enrolled college students for the 1st semester, a margin of 359 from SY 2022-2023.

Preliminary data showed that lower turnouts were recorded in eight colleges.

College of Engineering had 905 enrollees this year compared to the 1076 last year.

Similarly, College of Business Administration dropped to 1157 from 1295 enrollees last year. 

College of Mass Communication dropped to 74 from 79. 

College of Nursing dropped to 415 from 461. 

College of Performing and Visual Arts dropped to 141 from 159.

Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences dropped to 577 from 701.

Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences dropped to 73 from 81.

School of Medicine dropped to 185 from 217.

Meanwhile, the College of Agriculture had the largest enrollment turnout increase of 25 percent, with 175 students this year.

Divinity School followed with 17.3 percent and the College of Computer Studies with 14.5 percent, with 54 and 434 students, respectively.

The School of Basic Education was not included in the overall calculations since the data given by ORA was incomplete.

Doctoral and master’s enrollees were also excluded as it has been predicted that overall numbers can still significantly change for these departments.


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