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SU commemorates 65th Honors Day Convocation in-person

by Stefan R. Saldon | April 25, 2023

Silliman University (SU) marked the return of the in-person commemoration during the 65th Honors Day Convocation held at Claire Isabel Mcgill Luce Auditorium lobby last April 19.

The convocation awarded a total of 1,797 honorees, with 1,236 of them as class honors, 401 college honors, and 160 university honors.

Jose Paolo Chavez, SU’s first summa cum laude since 2011, shared his experience of self-doubt and reminder of self-recognition as this year’s convocation guest speaker. 

“We showed up despite all the fears in our heads, and us being here, us showing up is our way of saying; I am good enough,” he said.

“Our institution has always provided its students with a healthy and relatively competitive environment to help them grow…” Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Earl Jude Cleope said during his welcome speech.

The convocation was the first face-to-face commemoration since 2019. 


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