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SportsComm corrects Intrams 3rd-runner up: IRS, CAS tied

by Allianah Bolotaulo | April 18, 2023

Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Sports and Recreation Committee reported that the Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences (IRS) is tied as third runner-up with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) during the Silliman University (SU)  Intramurals 2023 in a Facebook post on April 4.

During the closing program on April 1, only the latter was declared as third place.

According to Jullian Sevilla, SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee vice-chairperson, the Physical Education (PE) and Athletics Department informed the committee the tie in score between the two colleges on April 3.

Sevilla said that the PE and Athletics Department were in charge of the scores, hence their committee “was only handed out the top-performing colleges list during the closing program without any consultation.”

Dionesio Piñero, PE and Athletics Department head, said the error happened after the submission of the last event’s results. 

He said, “The results were computed accurately, but there was an ‘overlooked’ on my part.”

“The athletics department takes full responsibility for this error, I would like to apologize for this inconvenience,” he added.

Sevilla said that the “time pressure of tallying everything on the spot” during the last day of the intramurals and “a lack of verification” may have contributed to the error in the previous announcement of winners. 

Prior to releasing the updated results, the committee worked with the PE and Athletics Department to “analyze and confirm” the results. 

The IRS was informed of the actual results by the PE and Athletics Department. 

Dr. Lily Ann Bautista, IRS dean, said that the error caused “feelings of disappointment” to their department. 

She said, “Achievement is supposed to bring pride and excitement, which in this case, we were not able to experience.”

Bautista added that each department must have a representative to cross-check the tallying of results before announcing the winners. 


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