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Back-to-back, CED defends Intrams championship

by Paul Ray G. Donaire | April 17, 2023

Photo courtesy of Natha Le Bureros

Following a margin of 35 points against the College of Business Administration, the champion of last year’s Silliman University Etramurals, the College of Engineering and Design (CED) defended its title in the recent Intramurals held in person from March 26 to April 1.

CED bagged championships in the following game categories: men’s and women’s basketball, football, and softball; women’s volleyball; Dota 2, frisbee, and Valorant. 

The basketball tournament was one of the highlighted games of the Intramurals. Keira Cañete, CED women’s basketball team coach, said the team won because of “teamwork” and “trust” and that she hoped the next team would apply the same mindset to defend the championship title. 

Both the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments were dominated by CED on the last day of the Intramurals at Lamberto Macias Sports Complex.

However, with the rule of “double elimination,” Cañete suggested that if there is no issue with the schedule, the committee should make it “round robin” to create more rounds. 

Moreover, Joseph Dayao, captain of the CED men’s basketball team, said to include the varsity players in the intramural games “or maybe let the varsity players represent each of [their] sport and college.”

Lev Lumogdang, captain of the CED Dota 2, said the team was composed of “seasoned veterans,” which made him confident of their responsibilities as players. 

However, Lumogdang said that esports “received less support than the ‘main sports/events’ in comparison.”

“The fact that our schedule was so packed with changes meant that not enough people knew about our games…which resulted in only a small number of people showing up to support each college,” he said.

Furthermore, the esports tournament’s location posed concerns over limited equipment.

“I strongly suggest investing in more durable and properly functioning computer parts to prevent technical problems as well as a better and larger location for [many] people to view with the use of a projector,” he said.

The motto of “One Team, One Goal, Our Time is Now” was the college’s “driving force” to push through the inter-collegiate event, said CED Governor Walton Tenebroso. 

“The working committees, including the student council, coaches, trainers, and other support staff, played a crucial role in ensuring that the team had the necessary resources, facilities, nourishment, and logistics in place for their practices and games,” he said.

Tenebroso added that despite the “unforeseen circumstances,” it was the working committees and the student body that boosted the team’s overall morale in dominating the intramural games.

In hopes to defend the championship title, Tenebroso said the college requires “a combination of continuous skill improvement, team cohesion, analysis of previous games; support from working committees and the student body; mental and physical conditioning; adaptability, and strong leadership.”

“I am confident that [these] will boost and increase our chances of successfully defending the title and maintaining our status as champions,” he said. 


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