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SU-Law Dean eyes book launching of Bitcoin book

by Stefan R. Saldon | March 7, 2023

With his book launching on Mar. 9, Silliman University College of Law (SU-Law) Dean Atty. Florin Hilbay said that it “will make Silliman ahead of everybody else.”

Atty. Hilbay’s goal, through his book titled Bitcoin, is to educate people about Bitcoin as a new technology through understanding the history of money and Bitcoin as “the best form of money humans ever had.”

He said that the book’s launching is special since it is the “first of its kind” that appeals to students and makes it a subject matter that should be studied in the classroom.

“If you have a generation of Sillimanians who get to study Bitcoin before everybody else does, then it’s an advantage for our graduates,” he said.

As a member of the SU faculty, Atty. Hilbay said that he hoped Sillimanians will understand Bitcoin “fast and well.”

He also said that he hopes to develop a Bitcoin circular economy in Silliman and carry on lectures and presentations in universities and organizations about it.

Apart from the students in particular, the book is for everyone; and for his fellow Filipinos, Atty. Hilbay wished for them to understand it easily.

“Once properly educated, it will be no different from upgrading from typewriters to the internet,” he said. 

The book is a summation of Atty. Hilbay’s two-year study of the technology, as a guide for people toward what is considered a proper understanding of Bitcoin.


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