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SUSG ResoComm releases database, dates back 10 years

by Paul Ray G. Donaire | February 20, 2023

Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Resolutions Committee released an online database providing access to resolutions passed by the SUSG Student Assembly dating back from the school year 2013-2014 via Facebook post last Feb. 5.

The database contains a list of resolutions lobbied for by the legislative branch of the SUSG, the Student Assembly. It allows the student body to browse policies crafted to address various issues within the academic community.

Gem Palomar, SUSG Resolutions Committee co- chairperson, said that the database is an avenue for readily available papers for future reference.

“It is expected that this will preserve the resolutions written in the past and that will be written in the future, should the physical copies become damaged, lost, or in any way no longer usable,” she said.

Palomar added that the database could avoid redundancy of resolutions.

Furthermore, Aaron Daniel Duran, SUSG Resolutions

Committee co-chairperson, said they “understand the importance of having a comprehensive database of resolutions” for students who might not be aware of the policies and programs crafted for their benefit.

The committee tasked with tracking the progress of all resolutions has not posted a monthly report on their Facebook page since Oct. 26. Duran said this was because some offices addressed in the resolutions “are not always responsive.”

However, Duran said that the committee “can assure” to keepthe database up-to-date with plans

to update it by mid-February.

Duran shared that the database was proposed by SUSG President Christian Entrata and Vice President Kyla Bue. The initiative was launched through a collaborative effort between the committee and other student organizations.

The committee hoped that the next governing bodies would continue to expand and improve the resolution database to provide a valuable resource for the student body.

SUSG Resolutions Committee is tasked to “receive, process, and forward” resolutions crafted by the SUSG Student Assembly Representatives to offices addressed within the campus.


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