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UCLEM ends with call for Sillimanians to speak out against injustice

by Shay Du | December 12, 2022

Rev. Alan C. Ramos urged Sillimanians to use the “spark of faith” awakened during the recently concluded University Christian Life Emphasis Month (UCLEM) to start a student movement against injustice. 

Ramos made the call during his sermon for the UCLEM culmination and all-dorm midweek service on Nov. 23, 6:30 p.m., at the SU Church.

“Write to the lawmakers – even the president – the newspapers, the United Nations, and other world bodies,” Ramos said. “Tell them that Sillimanians are against war, against illegal drugs, against global warming, against corruption, and against all kinds of injustice.”

Ramos further cited faith as the source of strength the youth should draw from when speaking up about social issues. 

He expressed his hope that the activities held during the month-long UCLEM celebration ignited such a spiritual awakening. 

The UCLEM celebration for this semester started on Nov. 6 with the theme “#GLOW: Grow as Learners Obeying the Word.” The theme takes inspiration from 1 Samuel 3:1–10. 

Students from early childhood to the collegiate levels attended convocations in line with the celebration. Galilean Fellowships and a Youth Worship also took place during the past month.

Dr. Betty C. McCann, SU president, thanked the people and units within the university that made the celebration possible. “The UCLEM 2022 ends, but the road towards more witness and testimony continues.”

UCLEM is a biannual activity at Silliman University that aims to provide opportunities for Silliman community members to grow in their faith in Christ. Next semester, UCLEM will again offer a variety of activities that will bring students, faculty, staff, and alumni together to reflect on their spirituality.


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