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Mr. and Ms. Silliman International crown China and Russia as winners

by Mary Reyshel P. Repe and Stefan R. Saldon | December 6, 2022

Mister and Miss Silliman International contestants took initiative to show the importance of freedom and culture during the International Cultural Exchange 2022 held at Silliman Hall, November 19. 

Ms. Russia, Elizaveta Usacheva, and Mr. China, Yao Jiangang were both inaugurated as Ms. and Mr. Silliman International after competing with three other candidates from the United States and South Africa, each presenting their advocacies.

Usacheva and Jiangang presented their advocacies on the importance of freedom and expressing oneself without judgment.

“Freedom of speech is very important, not just for my country but for every country,” Usacheva said as she stated her reason for supporting the advocacy she had chosen.

She shared that as a member of the younger generation, it was important to demonstrate that she and her peers all have their ideas on how to improve the quality of life for everyone.

“And freedom is the most essential factor that will help us do it,” Usacheva concluded.

Moreover, Yao advocated removing the barrier between the different cultures, especially for local and non-local students. 

“We never say that any country’s culture is good or bad,” Yao added. “But we can say, we can learn something from other people.”

Yao shared his message with a piece of Chinese culture.  “Chinese people will say ‘Have you eaten?’ when they meet someone.”

He explained how identical the respect and friendliness he received from Filipinos is to the humanitarian sense of the Chinese greeting 

Miss Silliman 2022, Angelica Faith Generoso, expressed her sentiments in working alongside the crowned Mr. and Ms. Silliman International in the future.

“If given the chance to really collaborate with Mr. and Ms. Silliman International, it would be a very great experience knowing that we will be able to merge very big minds,” Generoso said.

The International Cultural Exchange was previously a variety show where various countries showcased their culture on stage. The show was later transformed into pageantry in 2006. 


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