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F2F classes start for college students; SHS ready for next year

by Gillian O. Jalosjos | May 23, 2022

Almost 180 programs in Silliman University (SU) started its limited face-to-face (F2F) classes for college students and with an estimated 2,000 to 4,000 students are already on campus for the limited F2F classes.

According to Dr. Earl Jude Cleope, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), he gradually allowed other units to proceed with their in-person classes because of the need, but only after they could get a clearance from the COVID Crisis Committee, led by Dr. Walden Ursos. 

SU already had limited F2F classes last May 11, with approved programs such as nursing, physical therapy, medical technology, and medicine earlier this year.

Cleope also mentioned the problems they had faced at the opening of F2F classes. The SU Buildings and Grounds looked into the inconvenience caused by using electric fans as ventilation instead of air conditioners, especially in warmer facilities. 

Moreover, he stated that the school’s preparations are now geared towards the F2F classes for senior high students (SHS) next school year.

“All subjects will probably have F2F, but in terms of modality, it might not be pure F2F. There is going to be some semblance of blended and hyperflex interaction,” he added.

In preparation for the limited F2F for SHS students, the university will check the facilities and triage system. They also looked into completing one or two floors of the SHS building that is currently being constructed. As per safety guidelines, the COVID crisis committee will also monitor the students during classes.

Unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff are required to show negative results of their RT-PCR tests every two weeks at their own expense should they decide to attend or hold in-person classes.


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