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Basic ed screen breaks ended, college level awaits

by Joellie Belle Badon | April 9, 2022

Silliman University (SU) scheduled April 25 to 30 for college students’ screen break, based on the adjusted school calendar for the School Year 2021-2022.

Silliman University (SU) School of Basic Education ended its screen break recently following the designated break schedules for its departments. 

The early childhood, elementary, and junior high school departments had their screen breaks last March 21 to 26, while the senior high school department began on March 28 and ended on April 2.

College students are on the lookout for final announcements regarding the screen break, which is scheduled for April 25 to 30 based on the adjusted school calendar.

There will be no synchronous classes or online distance learning (ODL) activities during the screen break, and students are expected to rest and spend time away from the screen.

When asked about the anticipated screen break, Rhea Jane Calago, a first-year medical technology student, shared how she could utilize her screen break despite considering online classes “so draining”. 

“A screen break will be a great opportunity for all mentally, physically, and emotionally drained to start prioritizing their health and do something to help them remember how to enjoy life while learning. Thus, taking a short break from everything will be a good way to help me cope with the various factors affecting every aspect of my life. So, the announcement of the screen break will be a piece of good news for me,” she added.

As of press time, no official announcements regarding the screen break for the college level have been released, and students are yet to take their midterm examinations which are scheduled for April 18 to 23.


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