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McCann leaves election decisions to Sillimanians

by Gillian Jalosjos | April 6, 2022

Silliman University (SU) remains neutral and supports no particular candidate recounting the previous elections. President Dr. Betty Cernol McCann said the university, which is dedicated to upholding its values, “leaves the decision to each and every Sillimanian”.

In a virtual All-University Academic Convocation last March 23, McCann told Sillimanians to uphold the truth and stay away from political campaigns that try to gain votes through fraud, particularly the deliberate spread of disinformation or misinformation.

“Members of the university community should use their expertise to promote fair and honest political journalism, consistent with our values,” she said.

McCann also encouraged all members of the SU community to maintain the “values of civility, honesty, and service to the greater good” in all political activities.

Civility, McCann said, is not just about being ‘nice’. It also includes upholding basic values of fairness, mutual respect, and human dignity, even amid disagreements and varying perceptions.

Meanwhile, she challenged people who have access to social media to use their expertise in challenging disinformation and to collaborate in taking down websites deliberately engaged in it.

She also urged also to support or organize voter information events, where the public may get accurate and unbiased information on candidates, parties, and policies.

“You, registered voters, must go out and vote on election day and make your vote count,” she said.


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