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SUSG shares developments, additional games for Etrams

By Ranjie Nocete | March 15, 2022

The Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Sports and Recreation Committee will be offering additional games for this school year’s Etramurals to be able to cater to more students.

According to Shine Therese Mate, chairperson of the SUSG Sports Committee, they have increased the events from seven to ten for this year’s Etrams. She added that they are already “permitting reserve players, [specifically] for the team e-sports.” 

With the estimated number of 720 students playing, additional reserve players and organizers for the team e-sports, the Sports and Recreation Committee is hoping to touch a total of 800 to 900 students.

This year’s games will be divided into five categories, which were based on the committee’s identified profiles of the student body in terms of gaming choices and personalities

The first is for competitive students who will be playing the Axie Infinity tournament, Call of Duty Mobile – both Battle Royale and Multiplayer, and the Valorant tournament.

Creative players will also be playing Minecraft Squid Game: Silliman Edition and competing in the dancesport competition.

There are also games set for players who are more into strategy games, specifically Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) as their long-based PC game and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as their short-based mobile game.

Non-contact sports will also be played, particularly Online Run and Online Takyan as their Pinoy game.

Mate then shared that the SUSG’s Sports Committee is hoping to make this year’s Etrams “big”. “This does not just end at Etrams. This [year’s] Etrams could be our scout for talents for the bigger picture, ” she said.

Mate also explained why some games last year were replaced, “It’s mostly because we’re actually also catering to what communities are strong or what events more people can join…we had to consider the manpower and the capability to organize and that’s what really built this very diverse ten roster of games we have today.”

John Jericho Murro, vice-chairperson of the SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee also shared the difficulties the committee has faced, “It’s really hard to prepare for this [year’s] Etrams because we changed our date instead of the first week of May to the last week of March.” 

Mate said that the Etrams was originally scheduled on May 2 to 6, but due to these dates falling after midterms and screen break, the event was rescheduled to March 28 to April 2 to allow colleges to have time for tryouts and finding partners in the organization.

She also shared that the scoring system is still based on the intramurals manual. “This year, we really adopted the Intramurals manual method of major and minor events. So major events get 25-20-15-10 per score while minor events will be given 7-5-4-3 points.” 

The committee expressed that if anyone is still interested in joining the organizing team, they are still “open doors about it.”

SU is in its second year of holding the Etrams, a virtual-based gaming event meant to substitute SU’s pre-pandemic university intramurals. The events are composed of teams and individuals from the senior high school and different college departments, similar to the pre-pandemic intramurals.


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