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Youth orchestra debuts in city

By Susanah Jane L. Lapa

Chris t the King College Youth Symphony Orchestra (CKCYSO) held their first-ever concert in Dumaguete City, “Music: The Language of Heart and Spirit,” last Dec. 6 and 7 at the Luce Auditorium.
Coming from Calbayog City, Samar, the orchestra is composed of students from Christ the King College (CKC) who voluntarily signed up to be trained and were accepted despite their lack of musical background.
CKC President Ariel Manga said persistence and discipline were the basis for membership.
“These students applied without even knowing what the instruments were. They only started learning how to play after they joined,” he said.
Members ranged from high school to college students.
Manga added that every time he sees and hear the CKC-YSO play in concerts, he is reminded of how the “young people are the future.”
“I think that the future is assured because each of these young people has discovered potentials not only in terms of musical talents but also in being and working together to produce music,” he said.
The orchestra was an initiative of Archbishop Jose Palma and the Calbayognons in the United States. It was inaugurated in 2007 and is committed to give opportunity to the youth; to discover and develop their musical talents. The aspiring musicians showcased their talents by performing a series of classical pieces as well as popular songs such as “Someone Like You” by Adelle and an ABBA medley tribute.
They were trained and directed by Fr. Marlowe A. Rosales who is a local missionary of the Franciscan Province of San Pedro Bautista in Samar Island.
Manga added that he enjoyed the reception of Sillimanians.
“This has been the kind of audience we’ve always wanted. They were able to appreciate classical music and listen up to the very last details of the pieces. They were listening to the dynamics of the songs. It is not the same as our other audiences where we have to include popular songs for them to relate and really appreciate,” he said.


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