Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SU scrimps to help disaster victims

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe

The Silliman University administration has requested all colleges and departments of the university to cut back on expenses starting this semester.
In a memo forwarded last Nov. 22, SU President, Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, said the budget measure is a response to the needs of the victims of two recent calamities: the earthquake in Bohol and the typhoon in Eastern Visayas.
“Whatever savings we can generate will be used to further assist those who still need material and psycho-social relief and other services which the university can provide them,” Malayang said in the memo.
Vice-president for Finance and Administration, Prof. Cleonico Y. Fontelo, said although the administration has certain ideas as to how departments can cut back on expenses, it will give all university units freedom to choose their own savings scheme.
“For example, if there are only a few students inside the classroom, the students should learn to lessen their consumption of electricity and use only one air con or one light and learn to switch them off after,” Fontelo said.
Another cost-saving measure that the university encourages is the minimization of all travels.
This includes conferences, seminars and faculty visits to students during board examinations.
“Instead of going to Manila or Cebu to provide moral and spiritual support to the students, the administration is encouraging faculty and staff to have prayers here in the university to lessen our expenses,” he added.
Fontelo added that the savings from the budget cutback will be used to further enhance the university’s “limited financial resources.”
“These possible savings can be devoted to other services. The cost control will maximize our service to students and optimize our financial resources,” he said.
Fontelo also said they need student support to make the plan possible.
“Our message to the students is to be aware that these are difficult times and it requires our efforts to see what ways we can effect in order to maximize our resources,” he said.


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