Friday, June 14, 2024

Silliman Blues

By Jude Wilter Domen | The Sillimanian Magazine

You gave me the Silliman blues, I’d do anything for you.

I thought these halls were our home, 

though they are cold and unforgiving like your gaze.

It spreads like a disease, all my woes. 

Would you spare me these Silliman blues?

Yes, I have found home amidst a campus by the sea

I’ve found my people, and even found your warm embrace. 

And we made a home for ourselves, in the music,

Though you traded me for Northern skies, 

leaving me a sorrowful sea. 

Cold Langheim Road leads me home at night

as I find myself crawling to what was once our bed. 

I miss how you used to play the string ‘neath my stars.

Sunny Hibbard days are never complete without us.

They feel a bit chilly and blue now.

You paint my eyes a colour of sorrow. 

yesterday we were laughing along Villareal, 

Now I find myself among a sea of laughter

without you by my side.

Silliman beside the sea, 

Yes, you’ve hurt me.

Now I’m drowning in misery,

the edges of my fingers painted with frost.

Campus by the sea, cold as winter

The only familiar cold I’d lie down in

despite the frost you are home. 

Silliman, you are home.


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