Friday, June 14, 2024

Furry Friends, Feathered Ease

By Roem Krishane Bolongaita | The Sillimanian Magazine

Amidst the hallowed halls of Silliman’s embrace,

Where books and worries often interlace,

A haven exists, not in textbooks or rhyme,

But in the gaze of campus pets, a calming chime.

In moments of chaos, when exams loom near,

Their soft purrs and playful leaps draw near,

Furry friends, with knowing eyes,

They share the burden, calming one’s sighs.

Under the acacia’s shade, where shadows dance,

Feline friends weave tales of a tranquil trance,

Their gentle presence, a balm to my soul,

In their gentle language, stress loses control.

Feathers flutter in the gentlest breeze,

As winged companions alight with ease,

A whispered rustle, a comforting coo,

Nature’s symphony, a stress undo.

Through the labyrinth of campus strife,

These companions offer a respite,

In their eyes, understanding and grace,

A refuge found in each furry embrace.

Silliman’s pets, with paws and wings,

In their company, my heart and spirit sings,

For when the weight of studies bears down,

Fur and feathers transform the campus into a comforting town.

So, in the quiet moments of campus reprieve,

Where the rustling leaves and pets weave,

I find solace in this harmonious art,

Silliman’s pets, a balm to my heart.


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