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SU, NORSU lords declare boxing match over college t-shirt design

By Gabbie Alex Bobby Teddy Salazar | October 26, 2023

Samukan University (SU) Lord Dr. Beauty MacCla and Nindotas ORas magSumbagay University (NORSU) Chieftain Dr. Jowater Limdaughter declared bids for an official boxing match after online controversy on their respective College of Beautiful Angels (CBA) t-shirt designs.

Organized by the Bokémon Fighters Association, the boxing match will commence at 4 p.m., Nov. 11, at the Jamberto Jacias Sports Complex.

The winner will receive bragging rights and legal ownership of the “highly sought out” CBA t-shirt design.

“Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!” Dr. MacCla said. 

She clarified the winner will also receive a two-million peso cash prize in centavos and the Miss Juniverse crown, all sponsored by boxing champ Janny Jacquiao, aside from claiming the design.

On her motivation for the fight, Dr. MacCla took pride in the SU CBA shirt design claiming, “Amin na talaga yang CBA t-shirt design! Papanaluhin ko talaga itu! [The CBA t-shirt design is ours! I will win this!]  I am inevitable!”

For their preparations, Dr. Limdaughter said he has been receiving “extreme training” from the best fighters in Negros Island. However, he refused to disclose who exactly they were.

“Welcome to Fight Org. The first rule of Fight Org is you do not talk about Fight Org,” he said.

Both university lords claimed to be “at the peak” of their “physical and mental” aspects.   

Dr. MacCla was spotted boxing with a concrete-made punching bag without breaking a sweat and dodging bullets “ala-Matrix.” 

Meanwhile, several witnesses spotted Dr. Limdaughter performing ten laps from Negros Island to Cebu Island every morning.

Each CBA Dean from both universities will attend the boxing match as Dr. MacCla’s and Dr. Limdaughter’s fight coach, backer, fixer, medic, and sponsor.



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