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SUSG Secret Ra Comm caught selling unclaimed items on FB Marketplace

By: Justin Case Yumisit | October 25, 2023

Samukan University (SU) Samuk Ug Sabaan Gang (SUSG) Secret Ra Committee was caught selling unclaimed “lost and found” items on the Facebook marketplace community.

The report came from Shotitiphon Phatpaningot, a student who was supposed to claim a lost belonging from the Crazy Suzzy Slave Office (CSSO) a week after depositing.

“I went to CSSO to retrieve my towel, but they said the Secret Ra Committee already got it back without leaving any note or reason. As I was scrolling on my feed, I saw a case exactly the same as mine posted for sale,” Phatpaningot said.

Other lost and found things sold online by the Secret Ra Committee are tote bags, hydro flask water bottles, apple pencils, calculators, branded clothes, and other body accessories.

Other students also raised similar reports, venting their frustrations on social media using the tags #NoToSecretRa and #ReturnWhatIsOurs.  

Meanwhile, one buyer commented on the seller’s post: “The price really fits the product’s quality. Mine! Off-white face towel.”   

In a statement, Secret Ra Committee Chairperson Sister EspelloGogogo said they considered the initiative after knowing several items inside the slave office were “only left unclaimed and stocked for days” since Sept. 11. 

“There were more than a hundred found items stocked at the CSSO, so we thought of making something out of these things by selling them online as an additional source of revenue for the committee,” he said.  

However, EspelloGogogo clarified that the activity was “taken into careful consideration” and even consulted with SUSG President Eureka Gitapolko for approval.

“I see no problem with their plans and immediately gave them a gogogo signal, given that they still follow their lost and found report guidelines,” Gitapolko said.

EspelloGogogo reminded the students to be “responsible and never leave their personal belongings unattended,” as some lost and found items can be of “great interest” to their marketing strategies. 



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