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Wiggle through the Week: How to Prepare for Finals Week

The final stretch of the game is upon us. But we must all face the dreaded “boss-level” that is the final examination. The idea is startling, especially when you think about studying your books cover-to-cover and reliving the concepts you do not understand so much, all while complying with the necessary final requirements on top of these exams. But fret not, for here are tips and tricks that will help you wiggle through the week.

Rest if you must

For some, sleeping is for the faint of heart. The competent student, however, knows that mental and physical strength is drawn from a good night’s sleep. If you insist that your mind is restless thinking about the undone reports, then try to listen to calming podcasts that are free online. At this point, meditation is your best friend.

Slice your day

Make it a habit to divide your working hours during the day. Map out a clear schedule of which subjects to study first or which requirements to prioritize. In creating a schedule, make sure that the schedule is the right mix of work and leisure. One can choose to tweak the boring “all-day sits” and note-taking. Also, it can be helpful to experiment with different time-management styles that work best for you. 

Tackle down the toughest chunk 

The finals week can be overwhelming. But no week is so tough that you cannot break it. Determine the toughest subject or lesson and start working with that.  You can also begin with the lessons you failed to understand during the semester or the topics which you may have overlooked the first time.

Keep calm but do not be complacent

At the end of it all, be calm. All your preparations will serve no purpose when you take that examination, and you panic. Take it slow and believe in yourself. You spent so much time studying and reviewing that most certainly, you are ready. 

Wiggle your way through the weeks to come. It will not be easy, but it can be a little bearable with a few tips and tricks up your sleeves.


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