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Who should be my candidate?

by Franciss Nikole Elli and Angel Lea Regalado | April 27, 2021

The annual SUSG election of Silliman University is happening tomorrow in the comforts of our homes. You will not be needing to fall in line at your college’s precinct this year to vote, as this year’s election will be completely virtual. Other than the mechanics on how to vote, one should be decisive on who to vote for.

In an interview with some of the former SUSG presidents and vice presidents, they gave some tips in electing the next school year’s president, vice president, and college representatives. Voting for a deserving person in the office may be a tedious undertaking, but these tips can be your guide in knowing more about the hopefuls for this academic year.

1. Educate yourself on the issues that affect you

Allison Ladero, former SUSG president in the school year 2017-2018, highlighted the importance of educating yourself on the issues that affect you and your college as a whole. Although it seems simple and obvious, Ladero says, “It’s difficult to choose leaders when you do not even know what the problems are. You will end up getting confused with their platforms because you do not have an understanding of the problems that surround you.” This allows you to take a closer look at both parties and evaluate both parties’ platforms. Then, decide which approach to these problems seems better. Knowing the issues in your college makes sure that you do not go in blind when voting in this year’s elections.

2. Scrutinize their platforms

For Aprille Juanillo, former SUSG president for the school year 2019-2020, the most important part of getting to know the candidates is scrutinizing their platforms. She said, “Are the candidates’ platforms concrete, feasible, and attainable within their term? Can the candidates’ track record speak for their work ethics and credibility?”. This then becomes the basis in choosing the candidate who will deliver their promises when seated in the student assembly. Apart from this, she added that students should be after the heart of the people they will elect. She shares three questions that a voter must ponder: What are the motives of these student leaders? What significant change do they want to contribute that they feel will only be achieved with the position they’re running for? 

3. Appreciate the importance of a single vote

Cedrick Antiquina, SUSG vice-president for the school year 2016-2017 stresses the advice of appreciating every vote. “We have countless situations before where the winner’s edge was only one vote. It really matters,” Antiquina said. He then reminded everyone to choose the one whom they believe can successfully navigate the student government in these uncertain times.

4. Elect student leaders who will work for the interests of their constituents and not the reverse.

Daryl Robinson, the SUSG president from the school year 2018-2019, advises electing student leaders who work for the interests of the students. To quote, he says, “Challenge your student leaders to ensure they are worthy of your vote and hold them accountable when they fail to carry out their elected duties”. He further reminds the students, “Be wise and be smart; educate yourselves before biased voting.”

All these reminders are worth noting, most especially since they came from those who once took the challenge and responsibility to serve the students of Silliman University. May we take note of these pieces of advice as we cast our votes tomorrow for a better Silliman University in this unprecedented times.


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