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Silliman’s Iconic Food

By Diamay Klem D. Balacuit | April 14, 2021

A year of online learning has surely led us to miss our campus. We miss the classrooms, our favorite tambayans, and the food that gave us comfort during those unbearable days of classes. As we continue facing this pandemic and wait for the right time to meet again, let us cherish the iconic food that we miss from the portals of Silliman.

1. Cheesebread

Cheeseread is the top-tier on-the-go food of Sillimanians. Everywhere you go inside the campus, you see someone munching this bread as they head to their different destinations. With its creamy cheese inside, a one-piece is never enough to fulfill the satisfaction of a hungry Sillimanian.  

2. Bossing’s Tempura

When you look for tempura, kikiam, and squid balls inside the campus, just head over to Bossing and satisfy yourself. Located near the gym, it is perfect for eating out every after P.E. classes. Every Hibalag Festival, this food becomes a highlight in an eating contest because of its unique concept—its level of spiciness. Eat the tempura dipped with its levels of spiciness (level 5 as the spiciest) as many as you can.

3. Baked Siopao

With its giant size and meaty filling, it is no wonder that this became the staple food to university events and fellowships. Baked Siopao was designed to fill one’s gut during any event. Honors’ Day snacks? Galilean Fellowships’ snacks? Just eat two pieces of this, and you are full already. 

4. Combo meals nila Ninings

“Ning, DSM 5 lang ako.”

“Ning, C3 lang ako.”

We often hear these lines when ordering food from the Ninings at the kiosks found near Divinity School. Satisfying those hungry moments would never be a problem here as our beloved Ninings would offer their delicious combo meals to you. Aside from saving you from hunger after classes, they can also help you in dreadful situations for college broke students since their meals are budget-friendly. 

5. Pancit Bihon sa Nursing

Who wouldn’t miss this Pancit Bihon, the food we crave, that is in the food stall near the College of Nursing? With calamansi as its partner, this food is perfect when it comes to fulfilling one’s hunger. Don’t have a snack? Viand? Just buy this food, and the Ninings there would gladly sell it to you. 

6. Ginanggang saging

Brushed with margarine and sprinkled with sugar, this grilled, skewered banana is a perfect snack for hungry students right after their P.E. classes. Located near the gym, the students flock to this small food stall to eat this sweet and cheesy grilled banana. 

7. Pancit Canton in AH Nature

This Pancit Canton is perfect for students who are having classes in Ausejo Hall, Science Complex, and CCS buildings. Found in one of the food stalls located within these buildings, students can now appease their hunger without worrying about going far away from their classrooms as they can take snacks in-between their breaks. 

8. Foodnet budget meals

The budget meals in Foodnet are perfect for satisfying your hunger. With a five-peso-worth cup of rice and multiple choice of viands, this place becomes a lifesaver for students who stay in dormitories and boarding houses that do not have time to cook for themselves. You do not have to worry about finding this place as they are located in strategic areas surrounding the campus. 

9. Nay’s super budget meals

Located near the Laguna gate, this place offers those meals for students who are tight on budget. With its varying choice of viands, from vegetable dishes to meat ones, you can still save some money by being wise in buying meals.

These varieties of food play a huge role for Sillimanians. They gave comfort and satisfaction while we were dealing with the daily hustles of being a student. As we remember the nostalgic moments that these food brought to us, let us also hope that we may still meet them again as we go back to our beloved campus by the sea. 


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