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Toolkit to Survive Finals Week

By Deogracia William Bemida | Feature Writer

Vol. XCI No. 8

Oct. 4, 2019

Brace yourselves, for the week-long final exams period is fast approaching. Others might view this period as hell. For some students, studying the night before exams are normal, but there are hardworking individuals who have poured blood, sweat and tears for the sake of maintaining their scholarships or raising their grades. Thus, preparations are of the main priority since this period is important for students.

If you find yourself having a hard time surviving the finals week, you better take note of the following advice below:


Make sure to condition yourself by getting enough sleep. Never deprive yourself of sleep, for this will slow your mental performance. Instead of remembering the things you’ve studied, you end up forgetting them. Lack of sleep contributes to the increase of stress, as it defeats the purpose of your hard work. If possible, avoid an overnight study and dedicate some of your free time sleeping. According to the National Institute of Health, a seven to nine-hour sleep is enough for the average adult; this may sound pretty lacking for others, but too much sleep may also cause fatigue.


Effective scheduling will catapult you into the state of productivity. Time management is essential, as this increases the capability of an individual to cope with the given tasks. Without a schedule, you might find yourself cramming on which one you will prioritize first and you might also forget to study. By allocating your time with a to-do list, the task is less daunting and no unnecessary things will hinder your workflow.


Never procrastinate. Make use of your available time to finish your requirements and study at the given time of your schedule. Hype yourself up with music, as this can also motivate you when doing work. If possible, you can break a huge task into smaller chunks, effectively lessening the workload.


An effective studying method will make things less stressful because it makes learning easier and your efforts worth it. Developing a strategy will help you gain more knowledge and insights. Along with a studying method, equipping yourself with necessary learning materials such as pencils, pens, calculators, dictionaries, and books before studying is a must so that you will not be interrupted by your study.


A place to study determines productivity because activities are meant to be done in a certain environment. For example, a bedroom is a place for resting and the living room is where you play video games. If you try to study in these environments, it will be hard for you to focus, as you are tempted to do the things you have done within the area. Find a location that will stimulate study habits and condition yourself in an area that no one can disturb you. Being situated in a good area will make it easier for you to digest the information. To stick into one area is fine, but it’s better to make a list of studying areas because, in some instances, the place might not be available or not suitable.


Prioritize your studying and focus on the given lessons and review. Do not be distracted by your partying friends; it’s better to disconnect yourself from the social world for a while. Smartphones can also be a form of distraction, as everyone knows how tempting it is to check one’s Facebook or Twitter account. Keeping yourself out of touch from social media is a big challenge, yet turning off the Wi-Fi and silencing your phone can be considered as a huge commitment to learning.


Eating three times a day isn’t enough for you; the consumption of healthy foods is necessary for you to function at best. A lot of students prefer fast food and junk food because the preparation is done by a short amount of time. This perception is wrong because these kinds of food are proven unhealthy and may cause health complications. Eating unhealthy food may negatively affect your concentration and retention. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended, as it provides the essential nutrients for productivity and learning. Also, do not forget to drink water, as it provides a mental boost and better mental performance.

Above all, don’t push yourself too hard and take it easy because things will fall into place. Don’t forget to breathe and relax your body, as this releases the tension. Bear in mind that this period is temporary; after this, you’ll be able to relax and your daily routine will be back.


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