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The Infamous Flash

By Maria Fiona A. Labucuas | Feature Writer

Vol. XCI No. 7

Sept. 13, 2019

They say that blessings are things given to you without you asking for it. I’m pretty sure that an unsolicited picture of the male genitalia does not count as a blessing though.

Communication is made easier by technology and the Internet. You can communicate with family, friends and even strangers all over the world with only a few clicks or taps. Trying to meet new people, however, is like trying to navigate through a minefield due to the variety of people that use it. Opening your message requests can be like a game of Russian Roulette, you’ll never know what’ll hit you (or flash you).

Four in ten women aged between 18 and 36 have been sent a photograph of a penis without asking for one, a 2018 YouGov poll discovered. Colloquially known as an unsolicited “dick pic”, these are usually sent in dating sites while engaging in a steamy conversation. However, these unsolicited pictures are recently being received in social media sites like Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, and even Twitter.

Dubbed as “cyber flashing” by, the most recent cases in the United States in regards to these pictures involve the use of Apple’s AirDrop feature where pictures of the male genitalia were sent around in public transport, restaurants and even parks. In Japan, this type of people is labeled “Airdrop Chikan” (Airdrop Pervs). People who send dick pics in Japan will get arrested once caught.

If we were to put this situation a few decades ago when people were offline, sending these types of pictures would be the equivalent of flashing in public — something you can easily be thrown in prison for. Nowadays, sending unsolicited “dick pics” is considered a cybercrime and is now punishable by the law.

The easiest way to avoid this situation is to simply remember the basic Internet etiquette — also known as Netiquette — and think before you hit send. The word unsolicited means “not asked for”. If the person did not ask for it, why would you give it?

The Internet is a wonderful place where people can interact socially safely. Let’s not taint it with perverse behavior especially since a lot of children and minors use it as well.

Always remember: don’t be trash; don’t flash.



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