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Escaping the Untrue

By Diamay Klem D. Balacuit and Deogracia William A. Bemida | Feature Writers

Vol. XCI No. 3 — Aug. 14, 2019

Today’s generation has entirely been dependent on the internet in terms of getting sources of information. Ironically, access to reliable information has now become a harder process. In fact, information is now at the tip of our fingers. Progressive it may be, however, the internet is also capable of misdirecting everyone’s perception. Such open and quick accessibility of information that the internet provides has led to a problematic question that is prevalent among netizens: Which of these information
are true and which are not?

Distress pierced the people upon hearing the series of unfortunate events that happened weeks ago. Engulfed with the wildfire spread of false information, the peace within the city was slowly replaced by fear and paranoia.

With the internet’s power to connect people, combined with the works of irresponsible individuals – the spread of false information have led into a problem of fear mongering. Series of murder through shooting incidents in some municipal areas of Negros Oriental, the stabbing incidents within the city, and the security threats involving bomb scares in Silliman University paved way in instilling fear and anxiousness to the people. As if someone is pulling the strings together and found pleasure in seeing us shivering in fear.

Due to the rampant spread of fake news, people seem to think that the community is unsafe anymore. Misinformed, some people opined that the city is no longer the City of Gentle People. While it is true that the Province of Negros Oriental is in the verge of threats from criminal entity whose goal is to instill fear among the citizens, exasperating fake news worsen the situation by instilling paranoia to the citizens. Such have incited restlessness and slowly, people are having doubts on the local government’s capability to provide security to the people.

Peace is what we always wanted. However, spreading false information isn’t helpful
at all. The circulation of false content will never count as a good contribution for the
country. This will only lead to further confusion and chaos in our society. Being aware of its existence and informing the people to stop spreading it should be the priority of an individual.

Before sharing information, think first, verify its sources and make sure that the author is a legitimate provider. The best thing to do is to wait for the announcement of the authority. Validating the information at hand and sharing this to your family and circle of friends is a fair contribution to society.

To achieve peace, be responsible with the actions made. Think critically before performing an act. Being critical means promoting the common good to all without being engulfed by the influence of evil. People have the tendency to commit mistakes which can hinder the reign of peace, but one thing is for sure — achieving peace by doing the common good is necessary and this requires a huge responsibility for everyone to contribute.


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