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Three mathematics professors use technology in Statistics

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe.

THE COLLABORATIVE EFFORTS of two Silliman University professors, Millard R. Mamhot, Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences and Alice A. Mamhot, M.S. in Mathematics; and a professor from Negros Oriental State University (NORSU), Joel G. Adanza, M.A. in Mathematics, made it possible for them to write a statistics book, entitled, Statistics for General Education (A Keypad Approach) that aims to make statistical computations easy.
According to Dr. Millard R. Mamhot, the idea of making this book started in the year 2008, when Dr. Stella Adanza—a graduate of mathematics in 1953, a consultant in many universities in Manila, a researcher, and a statistician—came to Silliman University and talked about critical issues on statistics.
In the year 2009, they were able to make the draft of the book and used it as a workbook in the Mathematics Department of Silliman University. After four years, the book was completed.
Unlike the old books of statistics that require a lot of manual computations, Dr. Millard R. Mamhot, one of the authors, said that this book “will make statistical computations easy with the use of calculator and computer in computing statistical research and also with the use of statistical table in the computer.”
“Now with the statistical values built-in in the software, the students just need to look for these values and how to find these values correctly are in the textbook that we wrote…making it easy for the students to do statistical research and compute statistical values with the use of technology,” Dr. Millard R. Mamhot said.
“Statistics is an area of Mathematics that is a beneficiary to technology…it involves in the recent developments in computational softwares like statistical packages that we can come out with computations with the use of computers like Excel,” Dr. Millard R. Mamhot added.
The book launch on Statistics for General Education (A Keypad Approach) was held last Aug. 20, at the Silliman University Main Library.


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