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Vital Reasons to join SU Intramurals Next Year


Silliman University Intramurals 2017 has passed. It may be just for a week but it requires ample time and commitment because it is a highly regarded event by the Silliman community. As one of Silliman education’s 5Cs of learning, the athletic court plays an important part in every Sillimanian’s experience. For sure, excelling in academics is equally important but only sports can give a student the means to enjoy the benefits of health, vigor and thirst for a more active lifestyle.

At any rate, another thing that is so great about Intramurals besides the fun and unforgettable experience is that you can try any sport that you have never played before.

So if you’re considering joining next year but are not yet quite sure, here are eight reasons why you should:

1. Exercise
Not only physical benefits could come from participating in the intramural games. There’s also the mental, emotional and social health benefits from improving one’s being. It’s a trick to your mind that while you’re having fun, you’re also exercising.

2. Friends
Joining the Intramurals is a great way to make new friends and acquaintances from being teammates with other people. By practicing with teammates to compete together, it helps build memorable college moments and long-lasting friendships. It is also a time for creating relationships with the other teams, the officials, and the referees.

3. Competition
Participating in the Intramural sports is a great avenue to have some friendly competition with the other colleges. After all, SU Intramurals strive to have a healthy balance between competition and sportsmanship.

4. Camaraderie
One of the greatest feelings in this world is to be part of a team who works together and uplifts one another through thick and thin.

It is simply one of the few things you’ll do just for fun. So, go out and play just because you can and no one’s stopping you. It’ll be good once in a while to represent your college. Whatever the outcome, there’s always pride in everything the athletes do. On the plus side, gaining new experiences can certainly enrich one’s life. Even though studying can take over your time, Intramural sports can help you break out of your room.

6. Unwind
For a brief period, your mind is focused on one thing: winning. For those moments, your mind isn’t worried about school, work or projects. The field or court is an area for you to briefly let go of everything and enjoy the moment.
It is a good way to relieve stress.

7. Experience
Joining the Intramurals builds experience and lifelong skills in teambuilding and in listening to one another. At the end of the day, Intramural sports help you grow physically and mentally.

8. Jersey
You’ll get a free jersey with your name and number on it. With this, you will now begin to feel a sense of pride and belonging towards the whole Silliman sports community and of course, your college. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Since the next SU intramurals is going to happen in a year’s time and with all these reasons out in the open, are you now persuaded to join next year’s intramurals? If you do then good for you! You’ll have more time to practice.


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