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Describe your Intramurals Experience

I can say intrams is the best time to flirt with other colleges-strengthening friendship. But flirting seems like an alright word to use. Because unlike Founders, you compete and laugh with different colleges.
-Justin Pena (BBA MGT- III)

It’s kinda 50/50 because even if I have been in Silliman for three years, it’s my first time to actually join a sport and I’m proud to represent my college. So over-all it was the best but also not so Intramurals.
-Kyla Sobremesana (BMC-III)

Although I’m a bit sad because CBA was not the overall champion, but still it was so nice to witness camaraderie and sportsmanship among the players from different colleges. And Senior High really proved us that they have the “potentials” people tease them about.
-Irene Flores ( BBA MGT- III)

Intrams was really exciting and challenging for many colleges. But in the end, it was fun seeing all the players give it their all and bringing honor to their respective colleges. Congratulations to the young ones for being champions this year.
-Anthony Hietzberg (BS Comp. Eng. – III)

It was fun. I really had fun. Masaya manood and scream (cheer) for our college. Nabitin lang ako. Sana i-extend yong time period for intrams next week.
-Shallinie Gador (BBA OM- III)

If I were to explain intramurals 2017 in key words, it should be unity and new challenge. I joined swimming and dance sports standard. Training, working out, and cheering together definitely bring unity in the college.
-Heun Helena Yang (BFA- III)


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