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Intrams Fling

The time of year has come when athletes in their jerseys flood the courts of Silliman University and people walk in and out of campus to watch and cheer for their favorite teams.

The courts of Silliman are not only a haven for athletes, but also for seeing the handsome guys and pretty women playing their own sport. The cliché line “kung ayaw may dahilan, kung gusto palaging merong paraan” reminds us that there are ways to get closer to your Intramurals crush—and you can have all the perks by being part of a committee.

Level 1: Shout the name and cheer (Cheering Committee)
Hearing cheers from the crowd intensifies the game and at the same time gives a boost of confidence and added pressure to the players. This is the task of the cheering committee. Best part of it, you can cheer in any of the players on court. Although you cannot really get close enough to the players, shouting their name out loud in a large crowd can get those tingling senses empower your vocal chords.

Level 2: Sign the sheet and remember the name (Attendance Committee)
One of the downfalls of Intramurals is the presence of attendance sheets. Of course, college governors cannot do all the signing especially if your college has a large population. There are students either assigned or who voluntarily sign the attendance sheets. If your vibe for your intramurals crush is a nonathlete, being part of the attendance committee is the best way to know their names. The next time a cutie from your college or department hands you their attendance sheets, memorize the name.

Level 3: Supportive imaginary partner (Food Committee)
With the tight schedule of the games, some players play multiple games in a day. Frequent energizers are needed for the players to maintain their physique and strength to endure a game. Sign up for the food committee to have the closest reach to your Intramurals crush who is an athlete. During the games, you can give them food and water
to keep their energy level. Also, it will make you feel like their supportive imaginary girlfriend or boyfriend.

Hence, intramural games do not just activate our competitive system but also get our “kilig”nerves in action. Intramurals is not a vacation to lounge in your couch all day. It is a time to explore the world of the court—one of the 5Cs of Silliman education learning. Don’t get lazy to go to school to watch the games. However, it is also a time to unwind and relax from the academic stresses. Have some fun, meet new people outside your circle, keep the sportsmanship, and cheer for your own college. Most of all, enjoy having a short-lived Intramurals crush or on a more hopeful note, your Intramurals fling.


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