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Green Beauty: Going Organic

Cosmetic products have played a crucial role in helping some people enhance their physical attributes. Make-up and beauty routines are now one of most relevant conversations and topics in social media that influence a lot of people all over the world. These create trends from “eyebrows on fleek” or “kilay is life” to Korean face.

Skin is exposed to different kinds of damages from the sun, pollution, insects and what not. Skin is  the largest organ of the human body; we should always give utmost care and protection to it. But little do we know that these cosmetic products that we think can nourish our skin are actually very harmful to the environment, animals, and even to us human beings.

Behind the Cosmetic Industry
According to Readers Digest, nearly one in five cosmetic products contains traces of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. A 2011 OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) study found that even formulas labeled “formaldehyde-free” still released a significant amount of formaldehyde gas when they are used or heated, such as hair, nail, and make up products.

Formaldehyde is also mostly found in deodorants. Just think of it when you shave your armpits, scraping off a layer of skin and imagine the carcinogenic filled deodorant that goes through your pores, a vulnerable part close to your lymph nodes.

In addition, Safe Cosmetics Organization said that an average person scrubs or lathers in approximately 500 chemicals a day that includes not only carcinogens but also endocrine disruptors that lead to harmful diseases.

Another chemical that you should be ditching right now is titanium dioxide that usually comes in very small particles, which you can commonly find in skin tints, mineral based cosmetics, and sunscreens. According to a Huffington Post article, this chemical is responsible for DNA damage for fresh water snails and stops phytoplankton from growing, given that phytoplankton is responsible for producing two-thirds of the Earth’s oxygen.

Likewise, National Geographic News said that paraben is also a product we wouldn’t want to use especially for people who love being in the water. According to some scientists, it has been proven that paraben is partially at fault for killing off corals and is a hormone disruptor for dolphins. These chemicals are not only harmful to our body but also to our environment.

Furthermore, one of the most harsh and sad truths in the cosmetic industry is the reality of animal cruelty. Just recently, PETA UK (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals United Kingdom) announced that most of the brands that pay for animal testing are actually leading make up brands.

Moreover, one hundred million animals die each year due to animal testing. These innocent animals are forced to inhale toxins and to take drips of corrosive chemicals in their eyes. They are even drilled with holes into their skulls.

Green Beauty: Don’t Panic, It’s Organic
There are many misconceptions for the word “organic.” For the most part, it is quickly linked to food products. Now, there is a new trend that people are advocating and that is turning to exclusively organic make-up and skin care. Going organic, in terms of beauty routine, means using products that are animal-cruelty free, natural, vegan, and paraben-free products. It means that these products are made with natural ingredients which are grown from organic method of farming without harmful fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, these products also do not test on animals since it is already safe for human skin.

Our skin is like a sponge that absorbs everything we put on it but with the lightness of organic products, it doesn’t make our pores clog. This maintains the pH level which will lessen the chances of ageing and having wrinkles. The ingredients in organic and natural products actually have nutritional value that helps support your skin not only on its surface but within. It has been researched to make sure that they repair, refine, and rejuvenate your skin.

Support Local
Some people think that natural organic products are very expensive but actually they are not. There are actually a number of local entrepreneurs that sell natural organic products that we can use not only in our beauty routine but also in our household cleaning materials.

“Green Beauty” or shifting to organic beauty lifestyle is not that easy since not all products you want have an organic and natural version of it. But starting with simple everyday needs such as sunscreens or shampoo can really give a benefit in our health and environment. Let us have the habit of reading the labels and ingredients of our products before buying it and be more responsible consumers. Being beautiful should not be all about how we look but also what we put in our bodies.


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