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Tattletaling Hearts


By Royanni Miel M. Hontucan

The overwhelming intervention of the strangest emotion in the typical lives of people would open up telltale “once upon a times” and this is where “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, too, comes into play. Thus, the dialogue of the hearts shall be heard. Teodoro “TJ” Embodo Jr., BBA Economics-III and James C. Corro BS Accountancy-II would raise the flag of men while Gleshyl Mitch B. Urciada, BS Information Technology-I and Kristine Winniriba T. Cabebe, BBA Management-I will be the loudest voices from the ladies.

The Cupid’s Arrow

Attraction is a level up from mere admiration. Everyone may find you pleasing, but you can’t expect to be everyone’s favorite. So what attracts you to someone?

TJ: “What catches my eyes on girls is their hair. I like it when it’s long and curly. I think I will always go for girls with Filipina beauty. On the ideal traits, girls who are humble and low maintenance like dili siya gastador (not impulsive) will always be good.”

James: “Girls with class, intellect who are refined, well-rounded and noble.”

Mitch: “Teeth. Mas attractive sa boys if they have a good set of teeth whenever they smile. I also want someone [who is a] shy type because he seems humble.”

Kristine: “Eyes. It’s like you would really see the personality of the person when you look into their eyes.”

The Knight

In the game of chess, it is significant to rationalize moves to make. If then, for men, “How do you initialize your tactics?’ and for the ladies, “How do you want to be pursued?”

TJ: “I’ll bring her to a place where I could tell or talk about my feelings and it’s going to be an opportune time for us to discuss about our mutual likes and dislikes.”

James: “Uhh, depends on context, specific tactics are called for different women.”

Mitch: “I want to be courted not in a typical way of flowers and chocolates. I just want some heart-toheart talk since that is the only way for me to know if he’s really sincere.”

Kristine: “I just want a guy who is sincere and the one that I can get along with everything.

The Bittersweet Agony

Before the sweetest kisses be shared and the fairytales be told comes the process of waiting. In the modern perspectives of men and ladies, how long shall it take?

TJ: “It depends on the girl, actually. But if it’s serious for the guy, it would take a long time until she’ll say yes. If close na mi daan (if we are already close friends), it would probably take like two weeks.”

James: “Courtship shall take entirely for so long as there are no reasons to end it or a better option based on context is deemed available.”

Mitch: “If you don’t know each other very well, it would take like a year but if you’re already close friends, the process is slower.”

Kristine: “It depends because we really cannot say what a girl and a boy feel for each other.”

The Tick-Tock Factor

Giving each other some space to breathe is healthy but being together 24/7 is an obsession. How often would you like to spend time with each other?

TJ: “It’s fine with me if it would be twice a week or on Sundays nga magkakuyog sa church (going to church together).”

James: “Just enough to show I care but not too much that I will become annoying.”

Mitch: “Twice a week kay dili ko ganahan nga mura ko ug macontrol then boring napud if every day (I don’t want to feel like I’m controlled and everyday might be boring).”

Kristine: “Depending on the time that both of us are free.”

The Art of Saying Sorry and Accepting

It Not all wrong turns are totally bad luck. It might mean building trust and blessings for relationships to flourish. For men, “How do you say sorry?” and for the ladies, “How do you now if you are receiving a sincere apology?”

TJ: “I would probably get her to see a movie and eat somewhere then I’ll blurt out the most sincere sorry.”

James: “Doing everything granted in my power. If it means lighting up the skies with fireworks just to say sorry, I’d gladly do so.”

Mitch: “If he’s sincere, I’ll accept it but it would really take long depending on the situation.”

Kristine: “I would know if the guy is really sincere when he says sorry through the way he will look at me.”

The debatable topic of how men and women are so different yet so alike will always remain a mystery to philosophers. We will never truly understand the workings of a crazy little thing called love no matter how IN or OUT of love we are. Happy Valentines!


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