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The Resolution Solution

by Keisiah Dawn Tiaoson | February 4, 2023

What else could be more exciting than hoping? What else could be more fulfilling than having the urge to do better? New years are regarded as a chance to make a vision of progress and self efficacy. It is also a powerful force with which one can take the chance to reinforce control over one’s life. 

Establishing a resolution is more than just a tradition. It is a craving for improvement and growth. It is a way to move forward, welcoming another year with direction and positivity. Starting a year with a list of healthy goals radiates optimism, and looking forward to a year of purpose-driven actions and self-growth is a life-changing common ground for people.

Resolutions are personal and individually determined, yet they hold the power to affect families, friends, and the community as a whole. Sticking to a goal of getting better actually contributes to varying aspects of a functional community, and the yearning for progress and positive change can be contagious. 

That being said, perhaps consider these suggestions as goals for this New Year:

  1. Meet new people and make friends. 

Friendship enriches life. A friend is on your table during triumph and beside your bed during frustrations. A different mind can contribute a clearer perspective that can open a different door towards a better you. On top of that, be the reason why people smile and believe in pure hearts, kind souls, and pure hearts.

  1. Become financially literate.

Did you know that the World Bank found only 25% of adult Filipinos to be financially literate? Financial literacy provides a chance for a lifetime of financial wellbeing. Managing financial resources effectively can help in enhancing decision making ability, and in promoting self-discipline. 

  1. Volunteer!

Volunteering for something that holds personal significance keeps you confident that you are doing exactly what you aspire for yourself to do. It gives you more motivation to do better and actually achieve satisfaction on the things that matter to you. As long as you love and are happy with what you are doing, little else will matter.

  1. Stop being late.

Time is essential, and must be spent really carefully. Being late can be equated to being impolite. In order to be respected, one must be time conscious. It also avoids the risk of procrastination and unnecessary frets. 

  1. Rely on yourself more.

Believe that you have everything you need to be successful. Know that happiness, love, grace, and everything you crave for can be given to you—by you. People may contribute to your needs, but your life will always be up to you. Resilience can bring out a stronger and perhaps wiser version of you. 

  This New Year has a lot in store for each and every one. Resources may vary, and opportunities may be unequally distributed, but the New Year isn’t just about resolutions and dreams. A new year can be a bearer of hope too. Three hundred and sixty-five days of the unknown, but perhaps upon following the suggestions above, a memorable year could be ahead of you! 


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