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After Hell Week, Now What?

by Paul Ray G. Donaire | November 26, 2022

While academic backlogs remain, the “midterm season” has finally come to an end, and Sillimanians can finally breathe a sigh of relief—however short it may last. Most students would have used the long weekend to rest and replenish what had been mentally, physically, and quite emotionally draining during hell week by now.

Being new to the tangible aspect of university life and how the system of tertiary-level education works on the ground, surviving the “first wave” of in-person hardships for this school year is quite the relief. After pulling consecutive all-nighters, sipping countless cups of coffee, and seemingly depleting brain cells, students are faced with the question: Now what?

In individual interviews, the Weekly Sillimanian asked some students what their expectations were after midterms. Kirk Yauder, a Pharmacy II student, blatantly uttered, “Some brief relaxation at first, and it’s just more hell after that.” This is seconded by Miaca Layosa, an Anthropology I student who added, “It’s still hell!” Meanwhile, Felipe Dela Peña, a Biology II student, coldly expressed, “Back to [school] activities.” However, on a lighter note, Jose Gomez, a Political Science III student said, “Spend time with friends, like finding places to eat out!”

Out of all the negative feedback received, one Sillimanian saw the situation as the rain after a drought—a prime example of seeing situations with a silver lining, as was highlighted by Catriona Gray during the final round of Miss Universe 2018. Jokes aside, there may indeed be exciting adventures to look forward to, such as exploring the walkable streets of Dumaguete City, finally fulfilling the outdated plan to go to Barangay Valencia and try their food stalls, spending the long break with families and loved ones, trying out the popular silvanas along with other cakes and pastries at Sans Rival, or spending the night out with friends at Cafe Racer Diner. These are just a few examples of what post-midterm life has to offer!

Sillimanians put a lot of effort into studying and working to obtain the caliber of scores they desire, and it is only fitting that they deserve to rest and have fun as an outlet to relieve the mental dread and exhaustion brought about by the midterm season. Hopefully, Sillimanians have had the opportunity to cherish the long weekend—which may have felt too short for anyone’s liking—because after this quick break, “finals season” will surely be looming in the distance. 

When that time comes, everyone will have to face the “hellish” week again with another wave of academic workloads and stress on their shoulders. However, keep in mind that the semestral break is just within sight—a sweet reward that everyone can look forward to.


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