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Perfect Mate | Sand | Cold Print

by Lea Katrina P. Cañizares | October 21, 2022

Perfect Mate

As the early sun rays tickle my cheeks,

my lips already seek the warmth on your edge.

And no matter how glued I am to my sheets

Your scent quickly magnets my sleepy head.

They say you have this strong bitter taste,

but you are exactly the taste my tongue would never waste.

For when you blend with sugar and milk,

You ultimately become my perfect mate.


Lying perfectly calm,

I show no qualm

to the shapes that people make

nor the steps that they take.

I patiently wait to the water’s visit

for it clears any traces as I dance with it.

But, at times, strong waves take me wildly to the ocean

unfolding the beauty that mirrors heaven.

But although it has tales of angry Poseidon

and sirens that people are drawn,

it is full of beautiful creatures

hiding among troves of treasures.

And as I float back to my place

courage is shown in my face.

And the sun in the turquoise sky tells everyone

to feel the warmth of my courage as they lie underneath it.

Cold Print

On the beach the sun tickled my arched lips;

Its brightness thawed the ice-cold heart inside.

I felt feather light drifting on the steeps

Though my feet weighed like in a tomb were tied.

I stood still barefoot on the tiny sand.

I wished to hear the music from your tongue

But the winds blew the lyrics on my hand.

It was a song no one has ever sung.

I made a few steps along the shoreline

Dropping my tears in the loud crashing waves.

And all those tears wrote a beautiful line,

A good message of love waves and heart graves.

Love is a music when perfect souls meet.

Love is a music when one gets cold feet.


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