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Second Call

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The first call for donations for the victims of super typhoon Yolanda was answered by hundreds of sacks of rice, boxes of canned goods, bottles of water and many other items for the survival of millions of displaced families.
Sillimanians from all walks of life – pupils, college students, alumni, members of the faculty and staff –joined together and readily extended their hands to those affected by the calamity. Hundreds of other Sillimanians did not simply find free time but rather made time to help repack goods at the Oriental Hall.
The Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) and other groups of students, both in recognized organizations and college barkadas, spearheaded fund-raising events, donation drives and repacking schedules to hasten the collection of aid for the typhoon victims.
While the classroom is part of the five C’s of Silliman Education, the Weekly Sillimanian believes that it is of equal importance that we highlight one of the remaining four C’s – the community.
After about a week of receiving donations and repacking goods, a truckload of family packs are now on its way to the affected areas of the storm.
At one point, we may feel relieved that we are now able to send aid to those who are in need. But on another, we have to remember that making ourselves feel relieved is not the point. MAKING OTHERS FEEL RELIEVED IS.
Let us not let the first help be our last. Let it be only one out of the many. To feed a hungry stomach is one thing. To help a community stand up from calamity is another. And the latter is the main goal of it all. The waves of the storm surge may have destroyed their houses. This time, the waves of the relief operations shall help them rebuild their homes.
After the first batch of donations, the university is now on its second appeal. May Sillimanians continue to give more


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