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theWeeklySillimanian | March 28, 2021

‘No classes for all at the end of March,’ the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) released this news story following the approval of a Memorandum issued by the office of Vice President for Academic Affairs to declare March 22-26, 2021 as the ‘Institutional Screen Break.’ It was one of the few contents produced by tWS that reached almost 100,000 people, and true enough, this proved how Sillimanians are in dire need of a hiatus. While others might find this break as a time for binge-watching Netflix series, or hanging out with friends whom you had never contacted before, this is also an imperative opportunity for healing, detachment, and taking a pause from the never-ending routine of everyday classes. Students must rest.

The COVID-19 pandemic that becomes a horror at this trying time takes a toll on the mental health of the youth. They are most vulnerable to experience depression, anxiety and stress due to forced isolation and an unfamiliar educational set-up. It may be difficult to maneuver through these periods of change, but remember that you are not alone and that we will get through this together.

 With all becoming virtual these days—school, life, and entertainment—experts advise taking a break from screens to achieve optimum wellness. “Taking screen breaks throughout your day will help you get more done with greater ease and enjoyment and will also lower stress on your body and mind, which will benefit your overall health,” says Krista-Lynn Landolfi, a master transformation coach. Although you might be tempted to doom-scroll and binge-watch, there is a multitude of ways to hold your online time to a minimum and de-stress during this one-week break: spend more time with your family, hibernate to recoup those sleepless nights, or go for a run that you’ve been meaning to fulfill.

tWS hopes that Sillimanians take time to detach themselves from academic tension, more especially in this virtual environment. The Institutional Screen Break is a beautiful reminder to pause and hear the calls for a mental health check. 

It is truly difficult for students to do anything these days without the assistance of a computer, which is understandable considering the high standards of study needed while writing essays or completing assignments. As a result, many students around the world suffer from stress and anxiety and are unaware that excessive screen time can contribute to these recurring problems. If we are to retain concentration and efficiency, institutionalizing screen breaks once in a while is necessary for the well-being of the students. But for now, did you enjoy your screen break this week?


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