Thursday, April 18, 2024


THE QUALITY OF service could not really mean how much the payment cost. With the increase from the standard payment, it is of possible expectation to receive the proper service to be rendered. The new office for the foreign students caters for the needs of the allocated students. The increase in fees signifies the improvement of services to equal the amount being paid. May this not be a negative perception among the concerned individuals as unjustifiable money grabbing schemes since the amount collected would be used for the betterment of the operations of the office.
The operations cover expenses of the arrival and enrollment of foreign students. The amount would also pay the salaries of the people working at the new foreign services office. There couldn’t have been any issues if the administration informed and consulted the foreign students first before increasing the fees. This increase of fee for the foreign students should have been implemented properly by gathering the feedback of the students first and should have not automatically charged to their accounts without prior notice. Paying the tuition for the current semester is not just an easy weight-out from the pockets of the parents or students and adding another questionable charge that has been increased doubles the pressure of payment. Money is earned through hard work and should be paid for something worth it. Since the increase of fees has already charged to accounts then let’s just assume that the services to be rendered and the necessities to be catered will be of great quality, so then would attest that the increase of fee is justifiable.


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