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Begin again

Vol. XCI No. 10

Nov. 22, 2019

The calendar has graced the month of November once again. We begin this month of the official beginning of the highly-anticipated second semester, which will be brought in with the newest iteration of the Silliman intramural games. This month also brought upon us the aftermath of the quakes that shook the homes of our fellow Sillimanians in the island of Mindanao.

Through the honoring of loved ones passed, and making the most of our three weeks away from our beloved university before going back, once more into the breach. tWS believes that the semestral break has given us more than enough time to muster strength and rekindle our resolve to make something of ourselves through the Silliman spirit.

By taking a step back from the noise and seeing things from a new perspective, we can then see where we went wrong, where we could’ve done more and what things we could’ve explored. In the same vein, tWS applauds our fellow Sillimanians from Mindanao for their fortitude and spirit of kabayanihan in their region’s drive to rise up from the earthquake; The perseverance and willingness to volunteer serve as a prominent example of the Sillimanian values in action.

So with the shortening of the daylight hours, with the heavy rains and their wind and thunder, so do you, the students, rise up to the challenges of the season — persevering and indomitable. Buckle up! We begin again with the second semester with all of its glory.


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