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Ever Forward

Vol. XCIII No. 7

Sept. 27, 2019

September has always been seen as the doorstep towards the end of the first semester here in Silliman. Though we may be approaching the end, we will also be looking back at the pivotal event in our history that is Martial Law and look forward to the global movement that is the school strike for climate.

tWS believes that these two events have their message that will reverberate through generations. The memories of the people who have experienced these two events will serve as cornerstones for an ever-improving community, intent on moving forward while looking back at where it has been.

There may come times of uncertainty; where mistakes overshadow merits, and pressure bears down on us. The inevitability of change drives us up and beyond, regardless of how it happens. History has an amusing way of repeating itself — be it good or bad. However, an effective way of preventing bad repetitions and allowing good repetitions is to simply remember what was.

Regardless, from remembering the horrors of Martial Law, to walking out of class to protest for the planet’s future seem to have more or less a similar message — the abuse of authority that allows the proliferation of suffering and repetition of past atrocities will not be tolerated again. We begin our pursuit for a better future for all, today. We stand up and begin walking, ever forward.

tWS asks you this question: Do you hear the people sing?


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