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Editor’s Note for the Hibalag Special Issue

Vol. XCI No. 5

Aug. 28, 2019

A few days on and the withdrawal begins.

The 118th Founders Day celebration has long since ended but the experiences and events that transpired will forever be burned into memory for years to come.

Through efforts that resulted in frustration and those events that left a foul taste in the hearts of the people, we decided to add a few things that will hopefully bring the reader’s attention to pivotal issues during the Hibalag season.

We are setting the reader up with the major-event news features, along with columns from alumni, seniors, and new Sillimanians, and it wouldn’t be complete without the voices of the Sillimanians regarding a very special event on our Sillimanian Speak.

On this issue, we celebrate the triumph of Alexandra Kaye Tuale, the Grade 12 ABM student that began from doubting herself to fully embracing the path which is the Miss Silliman.

We feature the legacy and future of the College of Education with their centennial celebration during the Hibalag season.

We also feature the six, powerful cornerstones that make up the Outstanding Sillimanian gauntlet in their own field; the ever diverse Festival King and Queen; The star-studded Mr. Hibalag; the eyebrow-raising Silliman Idol; the cornerstones that make up the Outstanding Sillimanian gauntlet in their own field.

The rollercoaster ride that is Hibalag 2019 will go down as the most memorable one in recent history. But through the celebrations and cancellations, it is up to the present generation of Sillimanians to take the events with a grain of salt and be open to the notion of “Never Again” whenever negative things happen and have the initiative to step up and make things better for all of Silliman.

We are not going to express much on this specific stretch of words. The incomplete information disclosure of the Parada Sillimaniana’s cancellation from the authorities speaks for itself, but in the following days, we will try our hardest to bring into the light unsung information regarding the event. But for now, we will say that we were given nothing substantial other than a vague “unfavorable weather and health reasons.”

Regardless, tWS hopes that the Hibalag Special Issue will be a timepiece in your continuing journey in the Silliman experience or a piece of nostalgia of what Silliman University was in your time with a retro psychedelic flavor. Progressus in Veritate! See you at the 119th Founders Week, and hopefully tradition goes as planned by that time.


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