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False Consciousness

Vol. XCI No. 3 — Aug. 14, 2019

Silliman University has remained undeterred in its goal to create a safe and secure environment for students and its constituents. After the speedbumps that the university has endured, it is time to drive past the curve and gain momentum as a whole to celebrate the founding of the institution itself. Or so the authorities thought.

Even with the statement from the SU Administration regarding the augmentation of new security protocols, the majority of the population still does not feel safe and secure enough. Many cases of misinformation, fake news and unconfirmed reports still happen. This is due to the inconsistency of the statements from all branches of authority in Silliman as well as the nondisclosure of specifics to the general population. It is the right to life that demands for the populace to be well informed, even more so in with the recent incidents that have occurred.

It is well within the intentions of the authorities to not create a greater panic that will disrupt the activities and everyone’s daily life, much like the irresponsible spreading of information regarding another security concern which has resulted in many members of the community deciding not to go to this year’s HIBALAG 2019. However, it is due to the very same ideology of not creating panic that has created panic.

The lack of information that has been given to the community has stirred up a mixture of fear and frustration because they cannot decide what to do next. With this in mind, many are questioning the motives and the power of the SU Student Government, especially with the vague statements that do not align with the statements from the SU Administration. Many also question whether the SU Student Government is even allowed to partake in the information that should be disclosed due to their vague statements.

tWS believes that these inconsistent statements and this continuation of nondisclosure to the general populace will only result in bigger and meaner speedbumps ahead that will lead to a new level of heightened fear and frustration. We hope that all the branches of authority in Silliman University will choose to disclose consistent statements and full transparency to the general population, and that they will continue to pursue the safety of the constituents of the University as much as they are continuing to pursue their goal to remain tenacious and move past these recent incidents.


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