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The Silliman Experience

It is common knowledge for any organizer to expect a new set of obstacles for every event he or she is working on. This holds true especially for annual occasions like Hibalag and the many gatherings scheduled within the week-long Founders celebration. Due to the number of dramatic changes within the university, many student organizations have had their share of setbacks in preparation for their respective events. Inadequate funds, unfinished booth requirements and the obvious lack of manpower due to student apathy are just
some of the problems college governors have had to deal with time and again.
Amid the fanfare we are expected to indulge in, we often forget our responsibilities to help out in our respective student organizations.
Oftentimes, it becomes a common sight for a small group of dedicated students to direct and set up a booth and plan for their gimmicks and attractions for the Parada Sillimaniana and what-not, while others frolic around or hide from plain sight to avoid being requested to help or avoid being reprimanded.
As Sillimanians, we are entitled to bask in the festivities around us, but this is doesn’t mean that we are not obliged to lend a hand in accomplishing a few tasks just to ease the load of our student officers.
For others to respond that it is but their responsibility is crude. Yes, they have larger accountability compared to their members, but they belong to one organization, nonetheless. We complain of events flopping, but isn’t
our own apathy the root cause of it all? Despite the series of problems student organizations face, it is still
comforting to know that many of the events lined-up for this year’s Founders Week celebration are a success. The Weekly Sillimanian lauds those who have worked tirelessly to bring about worthwhile activities and unique experiences to the lives of students and alumni. These individuals have served well as the lifeblood of important
affairs within and outside the campus.
On the other hand, the Weekly Sillimanian believes that there is yet much to do to encourage students to act and be thoroughly involved in different relevant events within the university. The solutions can be as simple as constantly reminding students of their responsibilities and priorities in terms of co-curricular activities and imposing a more stringent “punishment-and-reward” system to instil discipline.The Silliman University Founders Week celebration is not just all about having no classes, going out with friends or simply having a break; it is also a time for us to develop the Silliman Spirit of teamwork, passion and empathy with others in making meaningful events a reality. The Silliman experience is more than just fun and excitement. It is about being active towards making one’s stay in the university worthwhile.


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