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Tuition Hike

The strike that occurred last year raised our awareness on many facets of Silliman University (SU). While the Silliman University Faculty Association (SUFA) legally fought for what was rightful and just, students noticed a lot of disparity between what they paid for and what they received. This has caused a wave of justified complaints in social media and around the campus.

Just when the issues concerning the alleged anomalies regarding fees and tuition paid by students slowly came to a silence, a new center of discussion arises.

On Jan. 26, SU issued a statement saying that the university will increase the tuition fee by no more than 10 percent, effective June 2018. The increase will exclude those who are continuing students but will affect new enrolees and continuing students who will transfer to a new course or program.

This announcement has caused yet another stir not only within SU but also outside, especially in social media. All eyes are on the administration.

The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) thinks that it is only fitting to look into where the increased fees will go before we make any accusations toward the administration.

Vice President for Finance and Administration Fe Marie Tagle explained that the manor recipient of earnings from the tuition increase will be the Senior High School and the K to 12 Program. Major changes will be made in their curriculum to ensure that senior high school students get the quality education they deserve.

Changes will also be made on the curriculum of the college students in coherence with the changes in the SHS curriculum.

The fees will also be used to upgrade learning facilities in SU. We have to take note that despite the donations and grants given to SU, there are some physical areas on campus that need improvements. The university cannot rely solely on donations to make such improvements.

We also have to take the university professors into consideration. By June 2018, more teachers would have doctorate degrees. At present, many teachers in SU are title holders. It would only be fair to increase their salaries for the services they render. Our professors in SU are of high caliber after all.

Given all these outlets for the money, tWS relies on the administration’s responsibility to ensure that praiseworthy changes can be explicitly seen as effects of this hike.

As the ones that keep this university running, the student body should keep an open eye on all the shifts that occur in the campus—physically and metaphorically. tWS would like to espouse the importance of the students’ participation and willingness to observe events like these.

The student body should also meticulously keep an open ear to all news that goes around the campus and keep tabs on the plans and current projects of the administration.

It is okay to expect the best outcomes in terms of quality education for the next semester. After all, it is with your investment in this school that enables it to be better than it already is.

Nothing is too expensive when one can fully experience the worth that they paid for.


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