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Diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth. It can cut any kind of rock or metal. In fact, to burn a diamond, it must be heated to 900 degrees Celsius. However, a mere touch of a human finger can make this almost unyielding gemstone quickly lose its sparkling appeal.

So how can you keep your diamond looking its very best? You polish it..

2017 may not be the greatest year for Silliman University (SU), but surely, some memories will forever be etched in the heart of its history.

If there is one word to best describe 2017 for SU, it would have to be transition. This year, SU took some turning points that somehow changed the landscape of Silliman education.

One of course, is the implementation of the first-ever three-part graduation rites. The graduation ceremony is now composed of departmentalized presentation of candidates on the first day and the baccalaureate service and the confirmation of graduates on the following day.

Moreover, this year is the defining moment for SU with the full implementation of the K-12 curriculum. The administration had expected a drastic decline of enrolment that would affect the university’s monetary stability. However, as we reached halfway of K-12’s full implementation,  Senior High School turned out to be  not that bad after all—way better actually.

This year also marks the transition of power and glory from one college to another. After three consecutive years, the Miss Silliman crown was bequeathed to another queen from a different college. The Intramurals championship trophy was clinched by the new-comers Senior High School from the seven-time champion College of Business Administration.

One can never forget the historical faculty strike last July. The strike that did not just compromise the recitation days of the university,but also tested the relationshipbetween the administration, faculty association and the students. Most importantly, the strike has proven that Sillimanians may not be  apathetic after all.

This year, a humanitarian crisis called for the Silliman Spirit—the Marawi siege. SU responded to this call. The administration donated one million pesos to Dansalan College, a Christian school that was greatly devastated by the war. A Muslim organization in the university organized a run for the benefit of the victims in Marawi. And lastly, the Peace Studies department spearheaded a get-together  between Senior High students and displaced war victims.

On the other hand, this may not be a major bump for the university, but welcoming a new university president is both a challenge and an excitement. We cannot wait to see the changes or surprises the current university president will bestow onthe university now that he only has five months in office.

Amid these changes, the university continues to manifest  the excellence it has always been known for.  Three Sillimanians placed  2nd, 9th and 10th in the 2016 bar exams. We also continue to top in the medical technologist, librarian, psychologist and agriculture licensure examinations.

On the other hand, Silliman continues to send representatives to national conferences like Philippine Model Congress, Ayala Young Leaders Congress and Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit. We also send  students tointernational conferences like “Jenesys” in Japan sponsored by the National Youth Commission. This year, we have an alumna who qualified for the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines.

2017 is the year that was. 2018 may bring uncertainties and challenges, but we believe Silliman is ready to face them. Oh come on, this university survived even the greatest “dirts” the world has seen!

Silliman University is a diamond, it has always been. The older it gets, the more it sparkles, just like a diamond.


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