Friday, June 14, 2024

As One Puzzle


The State of the Nature Assessment (SONA), held at the Silliman University last Aug. 9, is an annual event organized by the Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy.

Held for the first time outside Metro Manila, the theme of this year’s “Green SONA” is about the latest state of the Philippine environment.

Leaders from different civic environmental organizations have gathered to discuss topics such as “Philippine Carbon Sources and Sinks”, “Status of the Implementation of the Solid Waste Management Law”, “Philippine Forests as Carbon Sink”, “Status of Philippine Agriculture: Carbon Source or Sink?” and “Energy Sources, Utilization and Scenarios.”

Our environmental problems in the Philippines not only stem from climate change or from  deeply rooted socio-economic issues in our struggles as a nation but also conflicts that arise from widespread poverty and a huge divide among the rich and the poor.

This huge divide gives rise for the almost abrupt and unsustainable settlement of highly urbanized areas which, in turn, increases the waste produced by the area. Squatters’ areas are the primary evidences of this and one could not help but notice that the former are hotspots for ineffective waste disposal.

The world is plagued with a sickness, one that has been slowly destroying our planet in front of our very eyes. It affects us all, no matter where or who we are.

Remedying the sickness that plagues our country will require long term commitment and genuine actions coming from the people and not just from the leaders. Let us start changing things slowly by doing our part and expanding our awareness about taking good care of our environment.

Each one of us should take part in this battle. Each one should care, because no matter how hard one works, a single hand could never complete a puzzle.


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