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Overcoming Student Apathy


The new membership policy that will be implemented next year will no longer require students to be a part of their course organization.

This new membership policy addresses the issue that was brought up several times in last year’s USpeak event with the previous Silliman University Student Government administration from which, a number of students voiced out their complaints regarding the mandatory membership to their organizations where they are forced to join and pay large fees but felt that they do not get the most out of it.

The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) believes that student apathy is prevalent in the campus. Students only go for attendance not because they wanted to but because they are required to by their respective colleges or departments. Thus, shedding a negative light upon the orgs they are in.

Apart from that, it is also in the belief of tWS that student organizations depend on student involvement and when students stop being involved or don’t do their part, the entire organization falls off.

Moreover, by looking at the bigger picture, there are a lot of things to take into consideration with this new policy.

First, academic organizations can widen their scope of members, since they can recruit students from other courses. Second, all organizations will have a level playing field. Third, academic organizations will not be stagnant since they have to catch the attention of students in joining their activities. Fourth, students can also widen their horizon, since the they can apply themselves to other academic orgs that they have a passion for but is not related to their practice. Fifth, students will not be paying large org fees that they don’t really see the value and lastly, dissemination of job will be equal: the organizations to support and enrich the academic lives of students and the council to govern the students.

On the other hand, funding for academic activity will be difficult since required fees are prohibited and academic organizations should put extra effort to attract the attention of students.

tWS strongly agrees that there should be a separation between the academic organizations and  the student councils because some academic orgs like MedTech Society, SU College of Nursing Association and  Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators shoulders two jobs at the same time – ensuring the academic life of students as well as governing them. Tasks should be delegated well in order to ensure work balance and efficiency.


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