Saturday, May 25, 2024

“What is your take on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI?”  

“I give my sympathy on Pope Benedict, because he was honest enough and was not blinded by the opportunities that his position gave him. Instead, he resigned as the Pope because he’s afraid to fail in serving..”- Ruthchell G. Sillero, BS ED Fil I  

“I see the Holy Father’s resignation as a manifestation of humility and acknowledgement of weakness and incapacity just like Saint Celestine V who resigned admitting his ignorance and deficiencies of his physical strength.” – Reyman Krystoffer King G. Sy, AB Philo I  

“Human as we are we all have weaknesses. What is important is that we should take those shortcomings positively. All things happen for a reason. I know and I believe that God Has a better plan for him.“ –  Joseph Stalin O. Jatico, BS ME II  

“I felt that my faith has gone down because if he has really believed in God then he would continue to serve Him. No matter what it takes him. As what he had sworn from the very beginning of his service as pope, he should have served God till his last breath.”  – Karsten G. Tenaja, BS ComEng III  


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