Saturday, May 25, 2024

“Do you think that it’s time for the university to have a brand new school bus? Why or why not?”  

“No! The current school bus is already a vintage. No one ignores a vintage. It’s like a SU’s very own Ferrari.”
Wilson D. Cadalso Jr., BSA- Agronomy I

“Yes, of course. Our university bya is modern na, but our bus is still old school. Aso pajud kaayo. Unlike other schools, naka afford silag new and chada na bus.”
Jandirk K. Avanzado, AB History II

“I think we should not have a new school bus because this school bus has been with the school for so many years now and it’s something other schools don’t have.”
Nicole Joyce T. Lariosa, BS ENTREP III

“Yes, as long as the design is similar to the old. But I do hope that they preserve the old buses because it’s classic. Many Sillimanians had their times with the old bus.”
Amiel Blane P.

“Those rides belong to a museum. Public buses today even have WIFI.”
Kevin S. Villagonzalo, BS IT IV  



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